Our Organizational Values

To Every Idea We Know The Solution

Learn and Share

We promote a constantly learning environment where each Idooer shares knowledge with other Idooer to create a knowledge sharing environment.

Innovate, Innovate and Innovate

Innovation comes from irrational thinking which is the reason we promote it in our organization. We believe in providing innovative solutions to every problem that is brought forward to us.

Helping Hands

In ITW, every Idooer is always ready to offer help to other Idooer. They always make sure that they work as a team and are willing to support each other at any time.

Tolerance For Honest Mistake

We believe every human makes mistakes but not accepting the mistake is what we consider repugnant. Mistakes should be a part of the learning process rather than considered a shame.


Irrespective of the hierarchy level, each Idooer respects every other Idooer making sure that the working environment promotes unity among team members.


Innovating does not mean to do things in an incorrect manner. We believe it is necessary to do the right things and have the correct ethical behavior. It means that every work is done in the right way which leads to nurturing an environment for high moral standards and values within the organization


We follow a simple principle which is Country before Organization and Organization before One Self.

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